Don’t Run


((??? p.o.v))

Beep Beep Beep 

Is all I hear over and over in a pitch black room where i sit and ponder until i hear 

” Doctor when will she – *sobs* wake up.” Mom said 

‘What i’m still here mom Mom’ 

“She doesn’t have much of chance to wake up” the Doctor said 

‘What do you mean wake up i’m right here’ 

“Why why is she in a coma-WHY ANSWER ME 

“Mrs. Sheehy she had a black substance that is unknown coursing through her veins and it stoped her oxygen flow causing cardiac arrest which lead to a-“


‘Mom im here mom cant you hear me’

((??? p.o.v.))

“Mrs.sheely i don’t think you yelling is going to help her at thi-“

“Mr.Rose I don’t like how your speaking your son did wake up and is still with you,but my daughter is here on this bed slowly dying she cant live on the drugs for that much longer.


  “Yeah I thought so” 

‘Doctor Rose w-wait Dylan’s dad is my doctor Wait Dylan was in a coma to but he woke up how is that possible from my chances his should be worse if i am correct.’

(FLASHBACK/Forwards)(I will start from the beginning)

‘Come on Dylan don’t you fucking die on me oh wait my antidote bag’ I think 

I grab the bag searching for my antidote needles.”Yes thank you Jesus.” I stab five needles in Dylan One in his calf,shoulder,hands,and one more in his side. I sighed a low sigh in stood up. I heard him start breathing shallow breaths and smiled until i heard a very demon like growls and roars from behind me.

I turned around with Terror running through scattering through my body like electricity i was in full denial. I had used all of the antidote needles. “Dylan are you okay.”

Yes i’m okay Juliet.”  I smiled  a very bright smile

I felt a sharp pain in my stomach I looked down seeing a thick black tongue going through me.

“Sorry Dylan I can’t stay here with you.”


“I don’t have anymore *cough cough* I used them to Save you.”

I coughed hard and black ooze sprayed everywhere. I slowly made my way to the ground coughing and hacking up black ooze as I did.

I bleed out blood that was filled with the corrupted beast infection I cant even tell what  it was some less corrupted things still have the form of what the were but what put me in my coma was a beast.

((End of Flashback/Fowards))

 Author-chan out peace >~<Screenshot 2016-01-14 at 8.30.49 PM


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